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Reading these crack me up. Unishippers, like any other 3pl, simply sell a contracted rates with the carriers.

Some customers just aren't aware of how shipping tariffs work and think everyone is trying to hustle them when in actuality they never package or class things correctly. Don't buy the contract with the carrier if you don't trust the carrier, pick another carrier we have a contract rate with!

Carriers are also at capacity.

I would recommend paying more to go with a premier carrier now that they can afford to yank people around. Unless you're Walmart, or a major manufacturer, guys like Central Transport could care less about your one pallet.

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Casa Grande, Arizona, United States #1078502

I have the same problem like what others said. We have been shipping the same type of products for 14 plus years it has nothing do with class or packaging.

Unishiper added extract surcharge that is not requested such as insurance and lift gate charge. The sales rep Cole promised us extract discount and will beat our FedEx rate. When the bill come, he said he didn't remember what he said.

I wish I saw all these complain before I sign up with them.

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