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I googled for a freight company and found Unishippers. Called and received excellent service from the Melbourne, Florida franchise.

The salesman (Bob Gubler) provided me with a fast and cheap quote. My freight was picked up on the date promised and delivered when I was told it would. I can't complain. Have used them twice since my last shipment and will continue with their service.

Over the last six years, I've had a number of problems with trucking companies. Quotes that were changed at the last minute. Making ten phone calls to find the least expensive rate. Bill of ladings that hadthe wrong information ie: class and NMFC numbers, and once even the wrong ship to address.

The salesman at Unishippers (Bob Gubler) was very professional and verified both class and NMFC numbers in order to insure me that there was no room for a reclassification fee. I highly recommend them!

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Bob Gubler- is really Bob Gobler. And he wrote that comment himself.

Yeah, he'll get a cheap rate. BUT BEWARE HIS IS A SCAMMER! He will do whatever it takes to steal your business away from the Unishippers he USE to work with, before he got fired for being a physco path. He paces down the halls making noises.

He screams out random words.

He is sexually harassed on of his coworker. BEWARD OF THIS CREEP!!!

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